Narrative Scene Emissary to the King - Early 19th-century engraving print


An original early 19th-century engraving print, Narrative Scene Emissary to the King.

A fine small engraving of a dramatic narrative scene, possibly Shakespearean. The engraving has been trimmed to the image and laid down on grey backing paper with an ornate, hand-painted decorative border.

In good condition for its age.
8.2cm x 11.5cm.

This picture forms part of a fascinating collection of largely early 19th-century works we have for sale connected with the important Burrard family of Lymington. Taken as a whole, the collection tells of the family’s artistic talents, including that of artist and seaman Admiral Sir Charles Burrard; Laura Burrard, whose drawings are in the National History Museum; and poet Caroline Anne Bowles, future wife of Poet Laureate Robert Southey. They picture the places in Hampshire where the family grew up and which remained significant to the Burrards through the 19th century, along with Naval subjects, evidencing the importance of Naval achievement in the family’s history. In addition, there are some unusual subjects relating to New World exploration, forming a fascinating record of contemporary interest in this amongst the English ruling classes at this time.

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