Rydal Water Lake, Cumbria - Original late 19th-century watercolour painting

An original late 19th-century watercolour painting, Rydal Water Lake, Cumbria.

A charming watercolour painting in sepia of the landscape overlooking Rydal Water Lake in Cumbria. Verso there is an additional pen and ink cartoon of two policemen rolling their penny-farthing bicycles down Honister Pass, also in Cumbria.  

Unsigned. Inscribed lower right: 'Rhydal [sic] Lake'. Inscribed verso lower right: 'Descending Honister Pass'.
Minor foxing and age toning as shown.
14.9cm x 17.6cm.

This work is one of a rich series of paintings and drawings in ink and watercolour we have for sale of views of the northern United Kingdom, with a focus on The Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, and Northumberland.

The Victorian love affair with the North, particularly the Lake District and Scotland, is rooted in the deep interweaving of industrialisation and popular culture that is a marked facet Queen Victoria's reign. Aside from the booming expansion of the railways, which made the north more accessible to English commerce and travellers, it was also a number of cultural trends that contributed to a widespread passion for northern landscapes. William Wordsworth’s 1835 'A Guide to the Lakes' and the purchase of land at Balmoral by Victoria and Albert in the late 1840s made the fashion for these areas expand exponentially, as evidenced by the wealth of scenes depicted in this collection.

Though likely by the same hand due to the similarity in style and materials, this collection captures with harmonious and skilled strokes the pristine beauty of the wild landscapes of Scotland, Cumbria and the English North. In a wide range between the stately and the quotidian, the castle and the country cottage, these works are firmly rooted in the very English tradition of wedding travel with natural exploration, a tranquil respite from a century moving at the rapid pace of steam, speed and sound.

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