SHS, Romanhurst, Witcombe - Original early 20th-century watercolour painting

An original early 20th-century watercolour painting, SHS Romanhurst, Witcombe.

On Arnold & Foster unbleached drawing board. A similar signed work from this collection suggests that the artist is "S. Sheppard".

Inscribed verso.
The board has been bent and consequently shows horizontal crease damage across the centre.
22.5cm x 14.2cm.

This picture is from a collection of superb 19th-century works associated with the Bath area, possibly once owned by Lady Frances Mary Perring. The collection includes landscapes by Joseph Horlor (1809-1887), as well as drawings by, and drawn for, Lady Perring. An inscription on the verso of one drawing suggests that Horlor was possibly Perring’s drawing teacher. JA-009

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